In 2016, Little Wiwa was born in Melbourne, Australia – few months following the birth of Vinnie, the active firstborn of Little Wiwa founders, Shanti and Paul.

Akin to many first-time parents, they only encountered knowledge of toxins and chemicals in the colourful toys Vinnie played with, after their parenting journey began. They soon found Vinnie’s collection of baby necessities had to be culled away one after another. Nobody can afford a compromise to their baby’s developing immune system with the biological toxicity that is a threat to children, masqueraded in a myriad of flashy colours.

A lot more learned of the dangers of toxic plastics and additives use in toy products, Little Wiwa soon followed to counter Vinnie’s unstoppable crawling and calluses. 

Advocating the move away from toxic plastics, Little Wiwa is honorably proud to have since created eco-friendly, non-toxic play mats that are free from PVC, BPA and any toxic chemicals. Made using 100% sustainable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) foam, Little Wiwa play mats offer an exceptional alternative that is biodegradable and safe for the environment throughout its whole lifecycle.

All Little Wiwa play mats are waterproof, thickly padded (15mm) and reversible with minimalist, Scandi-inspired patterns that are tailored for the needs of the whole family; versatile adults and children alike. An eco-friendly luxury, Little Wiwa play mats are housed globally with minimalist style lovers since 2018.

While it started out of a garage in Melbourne, Little Wiwa has grown exponentially and is now a team of 12 people operating out of 3 countries – Australia, Singapore and Indonesia – with the support of a growing team of stockists around the world!

Follow Little Wiwa’s journey to spread stylish, eco-friendly, non-toxic play mats one home at a time, while creating a better future for not only our children, but the earth we leave behind for them and following generations to come.